Hi, I'm Megan. I read books and redesign their covers. Why don't you come along for the ride?

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With Christmas fast approaching, I thought it would be nice to share one of my favorite gifts to make. I first learned how to create books with coptic binding during my semester in Italy from our wonderful resident assistant Christine. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked. My favorite thing about these books is the materials; almost all of the paper used in the book I make is found material. I love collecting bits of ephemera to use for bookmaking: paper place mats with interesting patterns, old sketchbook pages, colorful advertisements…the possibilities are endless. It’s really easy to personalize each book for the recipient as well by using bits and pieces that have meaning for them, like ticket stubs from a trip you took together or handwritten letters you’ve exchanged. I love making these books in all different sizes so I can have a larger one at home for sketching (coptic bound books lay flat when opened so they’re easy to use for sketching or writing) and a small one to carry around in my bag to jot down notes and ideas. Equally as important is the actual act of creating them. Most of the design work I do is created digitally (once I’ve moved past the sketching and idea-generating stage) so it’s wonderful every now and then to turn off the computer and make something with my hands.

I will be taking a two week break from posting book covers but will be back at it the first week of January. I wish you all a joyful Christmas and will see you in the new year!